Children learn the language of the HOME and HEART

On Saturday, March 23rd, the webinar was presented in English, and on Sunday, March 24th the webinar was presented in English and Hindi. Parents and professionals from India, USA, Bangkok, Kenya, and other parts of the world attended the webinar. Check out the summary video below and leave us your feedback.

Interested in learning more about the AEIOU of Bilingualism. Check out our blog post.

Here are some other resources from around the web

— Guide sheet from John Tracy Clinic – Building Your Child’s Bilingual Skills

Summary of Principles of Early Language Development proposed by Hirsch-Pasek and Golinkoff.

— Research Article – Principles of Early Language Development (Hirsch-Pasek & Golinkoff, 2012)

— Research Article – Six Principles of Language Development: Implications for Second Language Learners (Konishi, Kanero, Freeman, Golinkoff, & Hirsch-Pasek, 2014)

— TED Talk about how children learn to listen and pay attention to the sounds of their language in the first year of life. Linguistic Genius of Babies by Patricia Kuhl

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