Priyanka from Pune, India shares how participating in the Introduction to Education and Rehabilitation of Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing has changed her practice.

Feedback from Online Course Participants

“This course has provided me with in-depth knowledge about the pre literacy skills necessary for reading development. Phonological awareness skills, phonemic awareness and reading fluency skills were the most important aspects of this course. I feel much more confident about helping the deaf and hard of hearing children to learn to read and counsel the families regarding the importance of pre literacy skills. At our institute we have group therapy sessions scheduled once a week, so I hope to educate my colleagues regarding the importance of reading and would encourage them to incorporate the pre requisites i.e phonological awareness and phonemic awareness tasks in the groups.

Shweta Deshpande, Assistant Professor, School of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology, BV(DU) Pune, Maharashtra, India
Participant – Learning to Read through LSL

This has been a remarkable course for me. I have been struggling for couple of months with a big case load, and I was kind of blind on ‘what to do’. Thank you Mrs. Uma and Mrs. Ahladhini for this great opportunity. Conducting this course online has helped me a lot, because I have been struggling in searching AVT courses all the way from Sri Lanka.”

Subodha Ratnanayake, Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist, Sri Lanka
Participant – Introduction to Education and Rehabilitation of Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

In response to the prompt – how will you apply what you have learned in this course to your practice, “I will be the therapist who will always look for the child communication attempts and make full use of it. I will be making parents as my partners in goal setting n planning. Hence the activities be more meaningful and relevant. I will be making changes in the way I write the goals. i.e. SMART format goals

Florence Jeeva, Speech Language Pathologist, Samvaad Institute, Bangalore, India
Participant – Lesson Planning for LSL Intervention