This course aims to provide information about auditory verbal therapy and education to families and professionals. There are many misconceptions related to auditory verbal practice and certification, particularly in the Indian subcontinent. This 3-session online course is being offered in 3 languages, over three days each week. 

After this course, participants will be able to

  1. Define Auditory-Verbal Practice – Therapy & Education
  2. List the requirements for Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Auditory-Verbal Certification
  3. Identify the essential components of listening and spoken language intervention following the principles of auditory-verbal practice
  4. Identify strategies to promote parent-professional partnership in auditory-verbal practice

Week 1 – What is Auditory-Verbal Therapy & Education?

  • Principles of Auditory Verbal Practice (translations will be made available)
  • Contexts and settings of auditory-verbal therapy & education
  • Benefits of LSLS Certification (why should professionals pursue, why should parents seek certified professionals)
  • Requirements of LSLS Certification

Week 2 – What are the characteristics of an effective auditory-verbal session?

  • Overview of the components of LSL intervention (present levels, SMART objectives, data collection, parent coaching and carryover)
  • Domains that should be included in LSL intervention
  • Sample lesson plan and template

Week 3 – How can parents and professionals collaborate in auditory-verbal therapy and education?

  • Parent coaching is an essential component of auditory-verbal practice
  • Partnering with families during LSL intervention
  • Focusing on daily routines as a part of LSL intervention

Program Structure & Logistics

  • In this 3-week program, participants will attend a 90-minute presentation via distance technology (zoom) each week. 
    • Jan 8, 15, 22 – sessions in Marathi
    • Jan 9, 16, 23 – sessions in English
    • Jan 10, 17, 24 – sessions in Hindi
  • Each session will begin with a statement of learning objectives.
  • Participants will receive a guided worksheet to take notes and links to various resources.
  • Participants will have end of session assessments each week that will require an additional 30-minutes of work each week. This is required for obtaining continuing education hours certificate.

Register by January 1, 2021 at