Providing listening and spoken language intervention to children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families is an art and a science.

Uma Soman, certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Auditory-Verbal Educator, with more than 15 years of experience in this field, provides individual coaching and mentoring to professionals interested in developing their skills and pursuing certified LSLS Auditory-Verbal Therapist or Educator.

Uma uses a strengths-based coaching approach. Unlike a “supervisor” who tells what was good and bad about a session, a “coach” or “mentor” works with the professional to reflect on strengths and guides the professional to develop her own goals for improving her practice.

Each coaching session with Uma is divided in three parts – pre-observation meeting, observation, post-observation meeting. Participants interested in pursuing Listening and Spoken Language Specialists – Auditory Verbal Therapist/Educator certification can count these observations for the certification process.

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