Listening Together provides individual and group tele-therapy to 30+ children and families in India and within Indian communities around the world. All services are provided at no charge to the families.

The Listening Together team understands that the Parents are the captains of the child’s rehabilitation team. All therapy and informational sessions are family centered keeping in mind that the parents and family members are the child’s first teachers and best advocates.

Ahladhini Rao Dugar, director of parent empowerment, designs this program so families can understand the impact of hearing loss, benefit from hearing technology, and specific strategies to help children learn the language of the home and heart.

A community of families in different stages of their listening and spoken language journey come together on Listening Together WhatsApp groups and share with other families.

Toddler and mom enjoying a book
Mother and child learning language through daily routines

I am excited to share this small video of Yuven where he keeps on repeating a particular word until he feels he is heard (that is until I fulfill his demand). This brings to my mind how rightly Uma and Ahladhini quoted that children will be motivated to speak only when they realize their Words have Power! I believe Yuven has figured this out for himself.”

Sejal, mother of 2 year old Yuven, sharing on whatsapp group
Family on Vacation

The very first question when you asked me “What is your goal for Driti” showed me the way to success …and from each and every session
Our learnings are lot through your guidance and support be it auditory, language development, skill development, self advocacy , parent empowerment , reaching us with various resources, solving our concern and so on through various strategies…we never want to miss even 5 mins of your session … We are much grateful to have you both helping us a way for ahead… now having a relaxed mind we are working with Driti to achieve our dreams and goals”

Shansjal, mother of 4 year old Driti Chennai

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