Ahladhini Rao Dugar, M.E.D.

Co-Founder, Director of Parent Empowerment

Photo of Ahladhini Dugar

Ahladhini Rao Dugar is an early interventionist and teacher of the students who are deaf or hard of hearing. She has been working with families of children who are DHH for more than 15 years in the United States and India. Ahladhini received her Masters in Education of the Deaf from Smith College/Clarke School for the Deaf in 1998.

As Director of Parent Empowerment, Ahladhini works with families and professionals from varied socio-economic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. She provides early intervention services for children with hearing loss and coaches and counsels families.

Uma Soman, PhD, LSLS Cert AVEd

Co-Founder, Director of Professional Development

Uma Soman is an educator of students who are deaf and hard of hearing and a certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Auditory-Verbal Educator (LSLS Cert AVEd). She has been working with children who are DHH, their families, and professionals for more than 15 years. As Director of Professional Development, Uma develops and teaches online courses in English, Hindi, and Marathi on various topics related to development of listening and spoken language in children who are deaf and hard of hearing. She also trains and mentors teachers and therapists pursuing LSLS certification. for speech language pathologists, audiologists, teacher of DHH students and mainstream teachers. She also mentors professionals pursuing Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Certification. Uma presents on a wide range of topics at national and international conferences. Invite her to speak at your next event.

Uma received her Masters in Deaf Education from the Clarke School / Smith College program and received her Doctorate in Hearing and Speech Sciences from Vanderbilt University in 2017. Uma was the recipient of the National Leadership Consortium in Sensory Disabilities Fellowship (NLCSD, 2010-2014). Additionally, Uma is the Outreach Coordinator at the Carle Auditory Oral School, Urbana, USA where she works with children who are deaf and hard of hearing, their families, and the professionals supporting them. She serves on the board of AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language and co-chairs the Global Matters Committee.

Interview with Uma Soman