Inclusive Education

In 2017, five thought leaders in education in India came together to talk about Inclusive Education, the current scenario, the challenges, and potential solutions. Watch a video of this conversation below and read more about it at in the article written by Shamin Mehrotra & Rucha Shelgikar of Ummeed Child Development Center

This a great conversation supporting education for ALL children including those who differ by ability, socioeconomic status, and gender. In the context of inclusive education for children who are deaf or hard of hearing, the following points stand out.

Early intervention during the first five years is important. Early identification, early amplification, and early intervention can help a child develop language, speech, and listening skills, and be ready to enter a mainstream school. Therapy and coaching provided to the child and the parents by a skilled therapist or teacher can make a positive impact on the child being ready for mainstreaming.

Inclusive education requires Dil (heart), Will, and Skill. (WE LOVE THIS!) Dil, the heart and culture of the school to include students with disabilities not out of charity or sympathy, but because they are a part of society, can lead to positive experiences for all students. The administrators’ and teachers’ Will to support students with disabilities achieve their highest potential is essential. And finally Skills of the professionals to provide learning support in the form of individualization and scaffolding of skills is critical.

Teachers are interested in supporting students but don’t have strategies. This is a big issue, but one that can be addressed through education, training, and ongoing support to the general education teachers provided by special education teachers, deaf education teachers, speech language pathologists, and audiologists. The parents are also aware of how their child learns best and can/should be equal partners in developing learning supports.

We are thrilled to see these efforts at the research, practice, and policy level to support education for all students in India!

Inclusive Education
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