A primary goal of Listening Together is to build capacity within the professional community.

Early interventionists, teachers of deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students, speech-language pathologists, and audiologists who have specialized knowledge and skills in developing listening, spoken language(s), and literacy can make a meaningful contribution to the long-term outcomes of a child who is DHH. Professionals who provide additional supports and services, such as, general education teacher, classroom aide or shadow teacher, occupational therapists, psychologist, etc, can also benefit from having a strong foundation in listening, language, and literacy development. We offer multiple programs to support professionals working with children who are DHH and their families.

Listening and Spoken Language – Professional Enrichment Program (LSL-PrEP)

LSL-PrEP is an online training program for speech-language pathologists, teachers, and early interventionists who work with children who are DHH, in therapy and classroom settings. A variety of courses are offered through LSL-PrEP and a majority are approved through the Alexander Graham Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language for listening and spoken language continuing education credits (LSL CEUs). Find out more about LSL-PrEP courses and testimonials from our previous participants here.

Individual Mentoring for Professionals

Professionals interested in receiving feedback on their practice can request individual mentoring. Mentoring for those pursuing LSLS certification is also available. Find out more about our mentoring philosophy and opportunities here.

Professional Development for Rehabilitation Teams at Clinics, Centers, or Schools

Lectures and workshops for an entire team of professionals can be provided on a wide range of topics related to impact of hearing loss, contribution of hearing technology, development of listening, language, and literacy, promoting social skills and self advocacy, etc. Please contact workshops@listeningtogether.com for more information about our availability and speaker fees.

Consultation for Clinics, Centers, or Schools

Building on an interdisciplinary collaborative approach, case consultations can be provided to staff members for promoting development of the children seen at the center, clinic, or school. In this process, individualized learning plans can be developed for children, which can be implemented by the staff members. Periodic consultation regarding the children’s progress will be conducted.

NEW! Listening and Spoken Language – Student Enrichment Program (LSL-StEP)

Through partnerships with regional training institutes we look forward to offering online courses in listening and spoken language development and family-centered intervention for students in undergraduate and graduate programs in speech language pathology, audiology, and deaf education. Please contact uma.soman@listeningtogether.com to discuss potential collaborations.

Contact us at workshops@listeningtogether.com for additional information.