Our Mission

Listening Together is a not for profit organization that advances the education and rehabilitation of children who are deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) around the world through parent empowerment, professional development, and public awareness. It is not affiliated with any companies that provide hearing loss related products or services.

Parent Empowerment

Parents and family members of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, who are learning to listen and speak can participate in individual or group tele-intervention sessions to learn strategies for supporting their children. Parents can also participate in group parent education sessions. In these sessions parents receive information about hearing loss and hearing technology, along with strategies to develop spoken language(s). 

Professional Development

Speech language pathologists, teachers of students who are deaf or hard of hearing, early interventionists, audiologists, and mainstream teachers can develop their knowledge and skills related to auditory-verbal practice, listening and spoken language intervention by participating in online courses, individual coaching, mentoring for people interested in getting Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Auditory Verbal Therapist or Auditory Verbal Educator certification (LSLS AVT / AVE).

Public Awareness

Awareness within parents, professionals, and communities about the impact of hearing loss and how they can provide support is crucial for positive long-term outcomes. Our free monthly webinars, blog posts, and other resources are available to all who are interested.

Our Vision

Co-founders of Listening Together, Ahladhini Rao Dugar, M.E.D., and Uma Soman, Ph.D., LSLS Cert AVEd. believe that when parents choose a listening and spoken language approach, their children should have the opportunity to learn to speak the language(s) of their home and participate in their community. While currently residing in the US, both Ahladhini and Uma are interested in working with parents, professionals, and communities around the world.